Sculpting Exercise 2

hi guys this is a sculpt that i made for exercise. i need you tell me any critiques and probably mistakes from it, also techniques as well guys. i didnt use a reference photo just my mind :V :v: . and i used 4-6 of detail size with dyntopo of course, it took me like an hour or two. greetings from venezuela xD!!..

I would say your number 1 problem is that you didn’t use reference. It really matters a lot. If you sculpt for practice without using reference, you are not learning much about anatomy, and will not improve on making more believable sculpts. I do not mean to say that it’s always bad to not use reference, it has it’s place. But if you are trying to specifically learn, or achieve belieavability, reference will raise the quality of your work by a lot, and teach you everything.
One thing you might also want to think about, is that human heads are very hard to “get right”. We as humans are hardwired to see when something is wrong with other peoples faces. If you want a subject that is more forgiving, try animals instead. Humans is like “hard mode” but that is fine too if you want a challenge of course.
If you want specific critique for achieving realism, I would say the features are out of proportions of one another. You can easily improve them with … reference. Especially the mouth looks very flat. Good luck.
And don’t forget the reference!