Sculpting Falloff

Is there an option in Blender to change brush falloff in sculpting? I come from Maya and Mudbox where there is an option to switch falloff between surface and volume. With surface falloff, Maya allows you to sculpt on one finger without affecting another or Grab the inside of one leg without affecting the other leg.

For instance, I was trying to use the grab brush to pull the inside of two legs together in mirror mode. The brush however, grabs both legs at once and gives undesired results. The brush is grabbing based on volume, instead of just the surface area of where I am clicking.

Not exactly sure what you mean but have you tried the Masking brush? Allows you to only grab and move the selected mesh. Just paint the mesh you want to move with the Masking brush and then press Ctrl+I to invert your selection, then nothing else will move, but the non black area.

Cool. Thanks. That makes sense. I guess blender must not have that feature. But that is okay. Masking works fine.

Well a more simple solution that didn’t occur to me, could it be that you have mirroring on? If you do then both sides of the body would move at once. I doubt thats it but, eh.