Sculpting Feature Improvements

I really wish sculpting would get some more attention and there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated thread regarding feature suggestions for sculpting. I haven’t seen anything in any official roadmap with regards to sculpting so it seems like the devs aren’t going to touch it for a long time.

The things I want to see are:

  • General performance improvements so Blender can handle more verts (This doesn’t just apply to sculpting obviously but it’s one of the biggest things holding it back)
  • Layering system so I don’t have to commit to small details
  • Transpose-like tool so I can repose the sculpt with minimal steps (unlike the work around methods of rigging and lattices)
  • More functions like mask extrude/separate (There’s an addon for this but I’d like this to come out of the box)
  • More brushes (one suggestion on right-click select is having the ability to weld pieces together)
  • Sculpting in Blender produces unaesthetic lumpy sculpts for whatever reason. I don’t know if this even needs a fix
  • some sort of auto-retopo tool

Anything else? I don’t like having to resort to Zbrush for heavy tasks.


Oh man, I wish we could be heard.
I dont know why it’s been years since they didn’t improve the sculpt mode, I think dyntopo was the last feature and it was long time ago.
I’m in the same spot as u are, I still prefer Blender over Zbrush for other reasons but is quite extended to explain so yes.
I wrote to Zacharias about this cause he’s starting some sort of crowdfunding but I don’t know how’s that going.

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In the latest blog they did say that sculpting was going to be addressed but it would be somewhat secondary. It does seem like the devs are listening.

I’ve been using Zbrush more and more and while I can say that I have gotten used to the quirks of the program I still hate the navigation system especially the zoom where you have to alt+click and then release alt. That one is by far the most bizarre and overall I like the 3 button emulation in Blender far more which means that at that level blender has far more potential that I do feel like it’s being squandered.

Also I think that there might be another thread on this exact topic that I didn’t see when I made this thread. Oh well.

You know you can enable right click navigation and get Maya style nav? Way better than the native +alt-alt you described.

Just keep adding the single features to posts on so that they can get upvoted and be visible to the devs in the long term - threads here usually get buried in the noise of all the other posts, and don’t get much attention.

You won’t see too much performance improvement since they cannot replicate the 2.5D trick that ZBrush uses, as Blender is handling all the verts all the time if not hidden. Sculpt already handles viewport much better than edit mode with the same number of verts.


AFAIK and correct me if I’m wrong but even in terms of view port performance Blender still lags behind both Maya and Houdini. Houdini is a high bar to set but my point is that I think there is quite some room for optimizations even if we never get close to Zbrush.

And another thing is that Zbrush is mostly reliant on CPU power and Blender Viewport is reliant on GPU -or should be- since it’s based on OpenGL. I don’t know to what extent it’s comparable but I feel as though Blender is not even close to using GPUs full performance but this here is me talking out of my butt and anyone is free to tell me I’m wrong.

Man, I really miss “Mask Extraction”. This is a must have, can’t believe Blender doesn’t have it.

And yep, clip/slice/curve type of brushes, auto retopo/dynamesh (openvdb), quick way to project high poly details onto a low poly mesh, better matcap system…

I think extract mask is in one of the sculpting addons, basically it’s just copy faces and put a solidify on them, but yeah it should be amongs the basic tools.
What I miss:
1 performance, I can’t sculpt details in blender
2 Zbrush like navigation, I like it better, except for the zoom
3 Blender has great brushes, but zbrush behaves more natural for some reason… the move tool especially works much better in Z.

i miss an easier way to change brush size and strength, today you ned 2 keys and to move the mouse from were you are working, it would be only 1 key and without need of moving the mouse from the position. Is anoying cause is a kind of operation that you have to do hundreds of times when doing a complex sculpt.

Have you tried the default F (for brush size) and SHIFT + F (for strength) keymap?

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of course, but as said, on f, you have to move the mouse cursor from your work position to select the escale, and then return it to the position to work. on other systems you press 1 key, spin the mouse wheel without moving the mouse from the position.
Is not a big problem if you do it 1 time, but on a sculpting workflow, maybe you have to do it hundreds of times.

I thought, it’s issue of multiple keystrokes that’s causing little inconvenience for you.

Okay, if you don’t want to move your mouse cursor (at all) from the screen space position, hold down your [ and ] keys for the brush size. However, I am not sure about how to change the brush strength in a similar way.

I’m a fan of 3D Coat/Silo type of brush setting adjustments. Sculptris does it well also.
Basically you RMB Click+Drag: North/South:Strength; East/West:Size/Radius

There’s an addon that allows similar workflow in blender.

Sculpt/Paint Workflow Suite


i think that the pixologic way is far better, cause is less confusing to asingn the variations of size and intensity to the movement of the mouse wheel than to the movement to the mouse itself, (that in your brain is hardly asociated to the position over the object). on other level, i think that it should be part of the general 2.8 sculpting workflow, not as an addon. cause is something so basicall on a today 3D package, that, having it as a rare option is not serious.