Sculpting for 3D prints - 16gb or 32gb RAM

I am new to the world of blender and joined in order to do sculpting so that at some point in the future I could 3D print my designs. I have found a limited amount of discussions in regards to how much RAM would be necessary to sculpt with the intention of 3D printing the sculpts. I know this is very much a beginner question, but as I am currently in between computers I am wondering what would be the better choice: 16gb or 32gb RAM (Will be purchasing one of the new MacBook Pros, so the difference in price is about $400, I like the MacOS and am getting a discount…)?

For 3D printing you usually not go into the heavy details, depends on the printer you use. FDM dont need skin wrinkles and so.

16GB should be enough for it. Usually there is the option of upgrading later but with a mac thats questionable…

You dont have any pc around to test it? Just load a model and start sculpting.

Hey im not a blender expert but sculpt alot in Zbrush. So some general food for thought.

Alot of models iv seen sculpted specifically for printing is done in parts anyway meaning you can hide an get away with alot with lower performance PCs making the overall silhouette which is the most important part you do with pretty low poly count so once you go to detail it you can do it with other bits hidden which helps performance.

I personally would not go with Mac for sculpting, back when i started it was nightmarish for it. But you can never go wrong with more Ram if the rest of the system is also good. Hope you figure it out!