Sculpting head, really would love some comments and criticism

Hey guys, really would love some C&C right now. I really hope you guys go hard on me on this because I want to see what I not going good and what I need to work on. Your C&C motivates me to be a better CG Artist, so I ask you, please help me out heh.

I added a wireframe along with full shots of the front and side.


Are we to take it that this is a base mesh for further sculpting on? if so I’d say it’s a little heavier than I would start with… the ear for example might become a bit too twisted as you bring out the forms more…

it’s better for sculpting to have a more uniform patch size…

if you plan on subdivision modelling then this is a good start…

compare the profile of your model from the nose down to your reference picture:

the chin is more defined and further back in the ref, the bottom of the ear is further forward and the fore-head rakes back more dramatically.

the internal structure at the mouth corners is pinched flat rather than “turning inside” the mouth…

it looks like a circle squished vertically… think of the lips as the inside ring in a torus… when closed the patches still have depth at the corners!

you may want to pay attention to eyelids.

the mouth is probably a little narrow from the front (the corners of the mouth should line up with teh center of the pupils from the front…

Hope those helped!

I see. I’ll have to take a look into the lips. The forehead, chin and ears will be easy to correct. The eyelids are, embarrassingly, hidden on level 5, I took these picks on level 4 resolution. Just the mouth I ALWAYS have a problem with when sculpting, cause when I smooth out it just about wipes out all the detail I made and sometimes ends up in a big mess.

This model is actually not getting used as a base, it’s a project that I’m doing which incorporates learning opportunities. Once I can get the mesh ‘built’ the way I believe it should in a good aspect of topology flow.

I think the biggest issue (other then lips) that I had were making the ears. I have no clue how to make them look realistic over good quality. It seems as if I move this one section to make it look more realistic, the verts just either bunch up or spread to far apart creating unsightly seams. Smoothing only reverts them back to the place I moved them.

I think it looks good. Though I would change the topology a bit.
But if you want to match the reference - from what I can tell from the side view,

The ear needs more work and the back of the head looks a little squished as in too flat.

The front of the face isn’t square enough, the ref image looks like the side of the cheek is almost as far forward as the base of the nose. Also the cheeks level with the mouth seem too far back.

The side of the nose is too angular, needs to go from the front of the nose almost straight back not angled out as you have. The corner from the side of the nose to the cheek needs to be squarer.

The jawline angles up too much, the side view looks like it goes from the chin straight to the bottom of the ear, it needs to go back more horizontally then curve up.

That may sound picky and brutal but it’s really only small details that distinguish just a good head model from of a recognisable resemblance.

Well , don’t see any problem with the mesh for me ,it’s ok even to do a head with that mesh :P.

But you can sculpt i think it’s very early to do any comentary right now , i saw you only up subdivisions

I would like to see more :slight_smile:

right now the thing that grabs my attention the most is the ears.
I think they look too flat and lacking volume - this is something you’d want to fix in the lower resolutions rather than the higher ones

check out these two videos, i think it’ll help a lot

Thanks man, those videos were helpful, but still in a way flabbergasting. It’s kinda a lot to take in with the amount of time that he tells you. So I’ll have to study this more, rinse and repeat and hopefully it’ll turn out better then before ^.^

I just want to thank you guys for commenting and letting me know what needs to be worked on. I’ll start working on fixing the features up in a sec.

Hey guys, just posting an update. Let me know what you think. I took to heart the comments you guys left me, the only thing that I have to start on was the ears, but I’m going to start them from scratch if you couldn’t tell from the pictures. I really hope you guys can continue to give me some feedback to help me get better.

Thou which doesn’t kill me, will only make me stronger. ^.^


hey guys, I’m still looking for some C&C on this stuff. Would be very awesome to hear back.

hmmmm, i think the area between the nose and the lower lip looks a bit weird. It looks fine from the side view, but the front view makes that area look unnatural

probably the first thing to do there would be to get rid of those lines coming up and out from the corners of the mouth. Take another look at that first vid i posted, at about 5:30 he starts to discuss this region

I’d suggest trying to copy what he does first, then adjusting the forms to fit your reference

3 more things

-the top of the nose looks a bit too wide

-nostrils look too thin and sharp

-head shape looks a bit off (it’s probably hard to tell where the skull is with all that hair!) maybe you should find a pic of a bald guy and use that as a temporary reference for adjusting the skull shape

good luck :smiley: