Sculpting help

I have figure some of the shortcuts out but I am looking for help with hitting a key to increase the size of the brush incrementally. i.e. push _ and the size increase from 10 to 15.

I know about the f key but I don’t want to use the mouse. Can someone help? I am also looking to control strength the same way. Please help!

I compiled a small list of the controls I do know.

G = for Grab;

S = smooth

F = to resize
SHIFT + F = adjust strength
x axis Symmetry = X KEY

Shift = Negative/subtract draw
Page Up increase multires
Page down decrease multires


At the moment, there is no such shortcut key. You could probably write a simple script to do it, however.

It occurs to me it might be a good idea to add mouse-wheel scrolling to the Fkey brush-size control, so that after pressing Fkey you could scroll up or down and the brush size (or strength or rotation) would go up or down by 10. Will add to my TODO list…

Thanks! I am not good at writing scripts so I will just have to wait. There is so much to learn in blender!