Sculpting human skull


I would like to request a crritique and help from the community :slight_smile: Here I do not use Blender at all (ZBrush only), but Blenderartists folks have been very responsive and helpful in the past. I would like to ask for advice once again. This time I post an early sculpt so I can get corrected earlier (unlike the previous sculpt I’ve requested help for on the later stages of the project, when correcttions were hard to introduce).

Please, could you correct me where I am wrong with major proportions? :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

And here it goes! Final version! Thanks to everyone who was helping me so much along the way!

CLICK HERE to see the whole thing


All righty, there is an update!

Check this guy out! )) May be some suggestions? :slight_smile:

Very nice model! Lucky you to have zbrush… shame it’s so expensive… :frowning: This looks like a very nice clean model! Good job! Could be nice to see it textured too!

Thank you :slight_smile: It is always so encouraging to hear a good word!

Thanks. I just looked at your skull image for a visual reference on a model I’m working! Drive on!

I don’t see it as lucky the OP has zbrush, Most likely there was some work put in to acquire it. But I love the results, I can’t wait to see one with teeth and textured…Make sure it has a few gold teeth too, And a bottle of rum.

Hey-hey! Thanks for the kind words!

FXR, please, do not use my sculpt as a reference… it has a ton of mistakes and also even the best artist makes mistakes, so it is always better to sculpt from the real thing. It is hard to get one, but I’ve been using Skull Sketcher - 3d free app that allows you to rotate a real 3d scanned skull. It will be much more accurate. Contains both male and female skulls.

here is the screenshot I used from it for a quick reference.

And here is my update! Please-please-please, tell me about any mistakes you see

Projected view:

Ortho view:

Wow is looking a lot better how are you going to do the teeth? And you going to sculpt it to?

Hey! I, if there are no corrections and remarks on the current version, am going to add another suubdivision layer (analagous to Blender’s multiresolution modifier) and start sculpting finer detail, like teeth :))) I think I will just carve them in the mouthplate :slight_smile:

Looking good to me! Don’t have anything to critique from an anatomical perspective, so I’m looking forward to the update!

am going to add another suubdivision layer

This suggests you’re not using dynotopo? :eek:

I do use, but once I’ve started subdividing, DynoTopo will be out)))

Looks great, nice improvements. Are you going to make a render of just the skull, or what’s the final plan?

Photox, love your entry at the competition! I hope you’ll win:) I will make something of it for sure, do not have a clear plan, but will make a character most probably :)))

Thanks and congratulations on yours!!!. It’s amazing and could very easily win, best concept for sure.

I’ve never used zbrush, have you already made a retopo or are you still using dyntopo?

Hey! :slight_smile: Thanks for nice words! :slight_smile: If you are into character modelling, you should definitely give ZBrush a try. It is amazingly powerful modelling software. Its main virtue is in ability to manage up to 5 mln polys in the viewport without lagging, allowing you to go for amazing detalis there. Interface is a bit confusing, but none of the applications will seem to you too difficult after Blender :slight_smile: I got a hang of it on the first day, but after watching like ten tutorials.

I will do retopo of the skull after I have all the details sculpted in :slight_smile: And I am not using any sort of dynamic topology. I think, this concept is absent in ZBrush (I might be unaware of it, though). You just usually start with a very dense mech and then you can subdivide it even further, but saving an ability to go back to lower resolution mesh (analagous to multiresolution modifier in Blender). There are a lot of inreresting fuctions in ZBrush, like Dynamesh. It is an algorythm that checks your model for stretched or jammed together polys and evens them out, so you end up with more or less equal polys all over your sculpt.

Overall, it is a bit messy of a programm. Some menus are small and clear, some have gazillion of sliders. Its just takes time to learn all of its hidden abilities. Again, not too different from Blender in this sense :))))

I don’t notice any mistakes, but I noticed, on your reference pic, it is missing the crack that travels up the center of the skull.

And one more update! Thank you so much for the advice you’ve already given!

f you have time this time, could you give me some advice on things that could be improved!

I would be ever grateful!

Perspective view:

Ortho view:

Your pics did not load. :no:


hey) thanks. How about now?)