Sculpting human skull

All GOOD, think scull looks great, I cannot really see anything to fix.


I keep posting, but it seems none of them came through! Many apologies about that, it’s been a beautiful progress thread so far. I personally am not an expert on the human bone structure, to the point that I can’t offer any critiques, only sit in awe of another sculpting genius!

Hey, thank you Speed7! And Bossestrenders, you are too kind blush

And here it goes! Final version! Thanks to everyone who was helping me so much along the way!

CLICK HERE to see the whole thing

Kick ass Margenta!

Beautiful work!! 5* and congrats on a successful Focused Critique thread!

Your skull looks great. I notice the anterior nasal spine is only slight on your model which is fine because it can get broken off. Maybe the area would be less smooth if it was broken off though? Apparently you can use this bone to help approximate where the tip of the nose should be. My reference is ‘Ask a forensic artist’ by Lisa Bailey page 113

Thank you, Photox, bossestrenders and finty!

Finty. I had no idea this bony landmark even exists! Thank you so much :slight_smile: I will remember it now :slight_smile:

Great sculpting Margenta! What are your PC specs?