Sculpting in blender, and piecering

So I know how to deform the model in sculpting, but I don’t know how to pierce the model while sculpting. The only way I can figure this out is to use a boolean in object mode.

It is not possible in sculpt mode with an official Blender. There was several experiment.
I remember one during Cosmos Laundromat movie production to give Dyntopo mode ability to create holes.
But it did not ended up in master.

You can create holes in many ways. But with default Blender, not in sculpt mode.

Easily piercing holes through a model is a nice feature of the voxel-based 3D Coat. Even in ZBrush you need to do it with a trick or Boolean. It’d be nice to have it in Blender Sculpt Mode.

It really depends on the shape and the topology of the meshes. Shows us what you are trying to do , so we can speculate on it better.

There is not currently any work being done, but this is a problem I have had in the past. I am prospecting to try and decide what choice to make for doing art.