Sculpting issue.

Hi I am still kind of new to Blender and I have a question about my sculpt. I am making a female human. While doing the lips, there is some part in my sculpt that is stretched out too much or something. It’s taking me a while to do the lips and I am still working on them. Is there a way to get rid of the stretch marks on the lips? Will it affect me when doing retopology?

When sculpting with dyntopo, specially sketching or getting the main forms you should use Subdivide Collapse to avoid this kind of problems.

The subdivide collapse mode will allow you to subdivide the model based on the size of the brush, but if you use a large brush for a heavily subdivided area it will “rebuild” the detail, getting rid of the messy topology.

go into edit mode and you will see your problem. you probably ran into it while using the scrape brush. when it happens to me, I just go into edit mode and fix the messed up bits.

That doesn’t seem very practical… Why to go and edit a lot of verts manually when the messy topology can be fixed with a brush stroke?

sometimes the brush doesn’t completely fix it

If I need to get rid of short edges and stretch marks, I turn subdivide collapse on and run over it with a very low strength (.05 to .10) flatten brush. It doesn’t fix the area, but it does get rid of all the stretched parts and I can continue sculpting with a more even geometry.