Sculpting issues

Could somebody please explain me why Blender doing this ugly strips every time when I go to sculpt in multires modifier?
I suppose to think that is a problem in subdivision process but what I did wrong I don’t know. There is UV on object. But I did UV after start sculpting could it be reason why my mesh going corrupted?

This corruption appears when I click on Apply Base, and whole mesh going remapped subdivisions. It helps to update Base mesh but impossible to continue sculpting…

it’s a know bug of multiresolution modifier, especialy when using “apply base”

you should convert to mesh before repair your sculpt, and use 2.81 beta new sculpt features like openvdb remesh

if you really want to use multiresolution, put a new multirez on the base mesh
add subdivisions
add a skrinkwarp modifier and select your sculpt (after convert to mesh and repair)
then apply the skrinkwarp
then never touch again “apply base”!

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Thank you for help. Hope they will fix this as soon as possible.