Sculpting masks?: any way to get them out of Blender?

Is there a way to extract sculpting masks, similar to how one might extract a UV map?

I don’t think so without some mask focused addons.

What you could do is uv map the object and then paint on it and then extract the painted texture.

Is there a way to get a UV mapped image into the sculpting mask?

The idea here is one might want to use the features of a proper painting program when making sculpting masks.

Sadly, not by default. There may be an addon that does this but all the information about it is in japanese so I’ve never been able to get it to work :frowning: This feature has been in Zbrush for like 10+ years and works perfectly though. Is this UV texture to mask sculpting techniqe possible in Blender? - #4 by smws

Now the general idea of using a uv mapped image to displace geometry does work with the displacement modifier but initiallly you’ll probably find it a bit unintuitive and it’s annoying that you can’t just do everything in sculpt mode.

I figure SOMEWHERE in the guts of the program s.masks are maintained in some sort of bitmap like arrangement, if only we could access them.