Sculpting materials

Can anyone tellme where I could find some info on materials used by visual designers for sculpting? For example if WETA decides they need a model of Gollum, what material do they use to produce it?


Do you mean like, clay? :-?

Well, since for miniature sculpting there are other materials then clay, which are much easier to work with and hold details much better and don’t need to be burned, etc., I thought there could be some materials which are used for larger sculptures which I don’t know about, since the ones used in miniature sculpting would be a bit expensive for lifesize sculptures.

Thanx anyway.

edit: And it is also information for me if they don’t use anything else but clay.

Playdough ! It’s soft and turn hard as a rock once it’s dry.

I think WETA use clay too:

What were your reasons for using ZBrush?
Previously, surface detail was mostly created by using scanned clay models or painted textures. The first option can be very expensive, the second would be much cheaper but it could sacrifice the fine control needed over the surface.

I know a lot of people use supersculpey or sculpey 3, which are poymerized clays. I’ve worked with supersculpey a little bit and it seems to be good. You might also try reading through some of the posts in the Concepts in 3D & Scuplture board at to see what they like to use. I’ve seen sculpey a lot there, but I believe it has to be baked, even though the temperature to bake is low enough that it can be done in a home oven.

You can probably find some other polymer typed clays that might not need to baked though there probably slightly more expensive than ones that are bakeable.