Sculpting mesh imported from 3d studio max.

Hi all, I just dowloaded blender 2 days ago and wanted to try something simple to get started.

I have a character model with pieces of armor made in 3D studio and I meant to export them to blender, make high-poly, sculpt bas-relief on them, then bring that back to 3D studio to bake shadows and normal maps.

If I make a sphere in blender and
1- Go to sculpt mode
2- Use an f brush in add mode
3- Draw a line over the sphere
Then the sphere gets a nice line.

The problem is, when I take the imported piece of armor, apply subdivision surface, then follow the same 3 steps, I get a bump or two at random places, instead of a constant line.

Is there a known problem with mesh imported from 3D studio?Has the mesh to meet any conditions for sculpting to work properly?


I don’t see what you are referring to in your screenshots, please clarify.

Is there a specific reason why you are using the subdivision surface modifier rather then the Multiresolution modifier normally used for sculpting ?

The screenies were not correctly ordered, I edited the post to put them in the correct sequence.
One is the mesh right as it was imported, the second is with the subdivision and the third showing the bumps I’m getting instead of a constant line.

I used subdivision because that was what was used in the tutorial I was following, I will try Multiresolution and come back with the results, thank you very much for the reply, Richard.

Well, still having some issues but at least I can draw lines now. Thank you again.