Sculpting mode: mask selected faces? [Help]

Hello dear modellers, I am currently switched from Blender 2.79 to Blender 2.91 and I am trying to understand how can I select some faces on my mesh in edit mode to apply Mask and prevent this selected faces from changes in Sculpting mode. I know that there is a Mask tool in Sculpting mode in Blender 2.91, but I am able to apply masks on mesh only with curcle brush tool or square tool. This is highly impractical for my purposes. In blender 2.79 I am able to select vertices and “hide” them which prevent this vertices from changes in sculpting mode. I found in blender 2.91 that I can use “Paint mask” button in Texture paint mode, but where is the same option for Sculpting mode?! II am adding screenshot om my human mesh to try to explain why I need it. On screenshot I need to apply mask on left human arm to make some sculpting changes only on torso. I can’t use circtled brush tool for that because I am not able to select with this tool only arm faces since they clip with torso. So, can someone tell me if there is such option which I am looking for in Blender 2.91 or I switched from Blender 2.79 too early?

Added: Nevermind guys, I found this option :slight_smile: . It is in Sculpt mode -> Face sets -> Face set from Edit mode selection.