Sculpting practice turned into a render

Hi everybody, I made this space helmet as a sculpting practice in zbrush. I am aware it could have looked better if I had done retopo but I did not feel like I wanted to invest that much time. I was curious to see how much I could offset the bad model by creating a nice mood. I ended up rendering it in cycles and edited the render in photoshop to improve some aspects. This is the result:

I just want to hear what you think and hear how you would go about improving the render, your thoughts on composition or whatever comes to your mind.


I would suggest closing in on your subject more, and I’ve taken the liberty to look through a camera and show you kind of what I mean using the thirds guides. I would still think that working through retopology would be worth it - but in the end, this is your exercise. A retopologized mesh would enable you to do some serious texturing to sell the condition of the materials that make up your helmet and tell a story about ti in just the scratches, dust and grime.

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Thank you Craig! I really appreciate the feedback. I agree completely about the retopology and materials but I might do it with a new helmet, I feel I could do a better job at designing it. I might just replace the helmet with the newer one and see how that looks

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