Sculpting Practice


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I’ve been working on sculpting people and characters. This is something I spent a couple days on. I’m hoping to try and get better the ears could use some work but I wanted to finish this up and it turns out I was spending more time on the ears than the entirety of the head. Hoping for constructive criticism. Thanks all!

Male Bust Sculpting Practice
(sundialsvc4) #2

There’s no neck, yet.

Place your thumb and third-finger across your clavicle, and notice that your hand encompasses your neck but is well below your chin. Your fingers are just inside of your ears.

(yakuzakazuya) #3

Awesome start.

For your next sculpt you should study human head proportions if you are aiming for realism or semi realism.

As a practical advice, put an imaginary horizontal line that is midway between the top of the skull and the bottom of the chin (mouth closed and straight front view). You should place the center of your eyeballs close to that imaginary line. Try this and the head will look more realistic.

Also, check out Ryan Kingslien youtube series called “12 days of realism”. He uses Zbrush but his lecture on head sculpting could be easily applied to Blender.

Happy sculpting!

(goffley3) #4

Thank you. I will check that out!

(FXR) #5

Bro, attached is a head proportion guideline (general). Its a good basic foundation for male and female proportions of heads. The guide uses eye widths as a standard of measure. The head is 5 or so eye widths wide. The head is approximately 6-7 eye widths tall. Also, AND THIS POINT IS IMPORTANT - the mid point of the face is a line "Just below the bottom of the eyes…

Try measuring your mesh using the selection boundary lines as a guide … Good luck

GEN_HeadProportions.pdf (1.3 MB)

(goffley3) #6

Thanks for this!

(FXR) #7

Also, there are plenty of head anatomy proportion guides on the Internet.

In general, they get you in the ball park.