Sculpting Practice

I’ve been working on this head for a little while now. It’s getting along well, but the eyes are giving me a considerable amount of trouble. They just look buggy. I’m working on them, comparing them to my references and tweaking.
Let me know what you think. Any criticism is welcome.

A small update. I messed with the eyes some, took a little volume out of the cheeks, cleaned up the lips a little bit, and I also adjusted the nose.


try building up some more flesh around the outer / lower portion of the eyes.
(edit) if you add pupils maybe it will be easier to visualize.

When I did my Spock sculpt back in March, I had worked on it for several hours, and eventually “scrapped” what I had been working on because it wasn’t working out right. I essentially restarted it, trying to focus on getting the “larger” shapes in correct. Once I got those in place, then I narrowed in slowly on the details. Eventually, I had enough of those in place that I went in and turned off the mirror and tweaked it. I kept going back and forth on whether I liked it or not, but I distinctly remember a moment when I pulled back after doing some of the hair detail and realized that I was pulling off the look I wanted. Jumping to detail too quickly is a problem a lot of us make, particularly when we’re first starting to learn to sculpt.

That said, I’m used to doing the eyes as a separate object and sculpting the lids over them. Maybe that might help.

If your a CG Cookie citizen member, Kent Trammell and Doris Fiebig both have some excellent tutorials on sculpting human forms in Blender that might help.

Though, I might add, that I think yours is coming along nicely.

I added some volume under the eyes and then added some pupils to them as suggested. After doing that, I could easily tell that my eyes were too close together. I’ll fix the eyelids after dinner.

the eyes are still quite wide. I think maybe the main issue is, the bone to the outside of the eye socket is sunken too far back. I would recommend using proportional editing to bring it more forward, or, maybe safer to use the sculpt brushes, on second thought. but it definitely still has a googly eyed look.

I updated the eyes a bit more. They look better, but now the model looks a bit sleepy to me, which was unintentional. I’ll work on that a bit more. I’m not going to get much more detailed than this unless I retopo because Blender is starting to slow down.

looking good. great ear, btw.

Thanks man! I spent forever avoiding the ears and the eyes because they’re so much harder than the rest of the face. But it always looked wrong without them. I had to finally break down and add them. Next time I’ll put them in from the start. That’s one of the drawbacks of dynotopo in my opinion. It becomes much easier to be undisciplined in adding detail to the whole model before perfecting one area. Thanks for your help! I think I’ll call this sculpt finish and either texture it or just work on another sculpt.