Sculpting question (Multiresolution vs Subsurf)

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Just quick question I was wondering.
While watching sculpt videos I’ve noticed a lot of artists use Multiresolution to increase polycount instead of Subsurf. Is there a reason for that, or it’s a preference thing?

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Subdivision surface and multires are very different things, in layman terms(or the closest to that I can offer) multiresolution gives the sculpt tools access to each layer of detail while subdiv takes control of everything but the base mesh, so in case of subdiv you might as well sculpt on the base mesh alone.

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Oh, I think I understand.
I could sculpt multiresolution object in each subdivision level, to go up and down, while subsurf just increases polycount and I sculpt model as it is.
Thank you

Yes, Multires is kinda like Subsurf but it allows you to come back to smaller subdiv level, do a change, and when you come back again to higher subdiv level, former tiny changed on this level are saved. It’s more greedy in term of RAM usage because it saves all subdivisions levels states.

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