sculpting question

how do i sculpt any part of something without having to subdivide it a million times.
i made a bullet and i just wanna chip a little piece off, but only subdivided parts work. please help

You may wish to try outlining the area you wish to sculpt, part it from your object and only work on that area. Join it back when done? Just a thought…

You’re always going to need enough detail in the actual model to be able to sculpt it with any effectiveness, so subdividing is just about the only thing I can think of. However, if you only subdivide the section you want to sculpt, and make it a rough sculpt, then use subsurf, and creasing, it can help.

Also, if you’re any good with normal maps, you can use them quite effectively to change the rendered shape of an object, with more detail than the physical model technically allows (Though I think detail is still limited to the rendered model, so subsurf detail level)

You can texture it in. Use a bump map. Map it to the normals in the “map to” tab and then crank up the “normal” slider below. Ive used it for scars and even wounds. You’ll be surprised at how well it works.

As above, but instead of a normal/bump map, you can also make a displacement map for the bullet to look really good in render (but this still requires sub surfing). Sculpting only works on highly subdivided surfaces using the Multires option as sculpting actually moves the tiny faces created by multiple sub surf levels. If face count is an issue, bump or normal mapping is the way forward- in fact you could duplicate the low res bullet, multires and sculpt it then bake a normal map from it and apply it to the low res original :slight_smile: