Sculpting Question

As you can tell I am new to the Forum and am grateful for all of the evangelist here that help out.
First thing is that I want to make sure that this the right Forum for Sculpting? If not please where.

My initial question is this: Are there any other plugins or tips for sculpting in 2.78?
This is my first go at sculpting a Halloween mask yet alone sculpting all together. I intend to model a head strap for the back of the mask as well. I have much more work to do as far as teeth, ears and painting all together. Thank You Greatly!



Here are link to Sculpt addons

Here some sculpt Brushes. -

There is a addon where You can resize and set the Strength - Right click mouse and move mouse - Up / Down- Left - Right
to set - Size and strength…It work Pretty good…:slight_smile:

Try type - Blender sculpt addons in Google and search this Forum a lot of good info…Puff Puff

Forgot to say…Nice Sculpt Btw…Cheers


Thank you! I will add these on.
Here is my round two of the sculpt. I know I have to pull the teeth downward. I was having trouble doing so. I will use the new tools during my third round.


O.K. Here is my third and final round. Thanks again for the brushes. I used just mouse and key board for now. I need a new tablet:) Open to opinions and critiques.

Are you gonna be printing this?

I would like to but I think I should come up with a few more sculpts. I used to work for an arts and crafts store. Not sure if I can use sculpey for the mold, then to latex. Sorry for the late reply.