Sculpting Questions on working with carve tool

Hey All,

I had a quick workflow question that I asked a popular blender sculptor [yan sculpts] a couple of months back. Although he did give a answer… thanks yan; Wanted to see if there was different opinions or thoughts out in the wild. I recorded a video, it’s about 5 mins, explaining what I am asking about.

TLDW; Looking for a way to have the carve tools create usable topology on the resulting cut similar to how the
carve tools work in Zbrush. This is not a DCC comparison; more of how would the same result be achieved the “blender way”

Thanks in advance for anyone who attempts to answer this

Currently using 2.79b

Look at this :wink:

The short answar is that you need to have some faces to have a proper dyntopo result.
So you cannot right now do the same as zbrush.

Hey @pitiwazou; thanks so much for the quick answer… So it is as I thought… Zbrush must be doing some work behind the scenes to analyze and create the needed boolean geometry with proper subdivision, difference it and then delete the geo for the resulting mesh. Where blender is more similar to the knife tool.

Thanks for giving me a good perspective on it… I may script something myself as I think it is a very useful tool.

I’ll try to make something like carver with auto clean when released, but for now, I made this for Speedsculpt.
Have to test it and to add it to other booleans operations but the result is nice like on Zbrush.

Can always crank the brush strength down to zero and keep dyntopo on Subdivide Edges, so you dont lose any details.


This will leave a perfectly sharp edge.