Sculpting reversed normal? and retopology not snapping

Hey everyone!

I have been trying to sculpt a catterpillar and i faced two issues.

The first during the sculpting, apparently, there is something like the normals of the surface are not correct, so the brush pushes or pulls depending on where we draw, without pressing ctrl or shift key. Here are before after pictures. Is there a way to clean that? The object is the tail that was Z scaled -1.

After the sculpting, as i used an array i used bool tool union and made one object that i wanted to retopologize (is there another way to manage arrays?).
The problem now is that the snapping just goes through the object, even through the initial one, picture of the facts, and of the snapping settings. What can be done to correct it?


Thank you in advance!

It will be easy to help if we have the .blend file, but if it is impossible to share that .blend file show us the screenshot of your brush setting ( the brush that have problems).
About snapping it should work with settings, again the .blend file will help a lot. Here is a video i made long time ago may be it can help
What do mean by (is there another way to manage arrays?)

can you open it? i lightened it by removing the merged one

  1. About the first question, the reason for getting those unpredictable strokes is because you you did not apply the scale, Blender was trying to warn you
    To solve it to ctrl+A in object mode then chose from the menu apply scale. After that do shift+N to recalculate normals.
    Question: why are using constant details as Dyntopo setting?
    If you don’t know how to use it, your mesh will get dense quickly and Blender will start to slow down. I recommend relative Details as Dyntopo option. At the end of the day it is just a matter of taste.
    Hint: In Dyntopo if you want to make tentacle use the snake hook brush ( K-key)
    I like the way you are using array modifier to make your life. Good to know: Sculpt mode doesn’t support array modifier.

Your second question: snapping is working great here.

You didn’t answer my first question above.

Thanks for your answer, the ctrl A and shift N worked to recalculate the normals. I don’t have your yellow message on my computer, for some reasons…

I have seen on youtube tutorials that it was easier using constant details. (on the model i sent, i didn’t take care of the size i had to show the push pull error on the face, otherwise i adapt it depending on the precision i want to have), i shouldn’t?

i used the hook brush for the two “mandibles”, but not the antennas, i don’t really like the way what we pulls reduces in diameter and ends up like some sticky solidifying caramel, which i don’t know how to get thicker efficiently

the “is there another way to manage arrays?” question was asking about the arrays you say, it is not really convenient in my opignon to have to make a ball and in the end merge them together and repair the whole thing because the boolean tool didn’t work well so there are still some membranes left inside. So is there something in sculpting that can copy the brush as an array? like the symetry basically, but as an array.

Ok got it for the snipping, as some tutos said we neet to do control clic to add a point, i kept pressing the ctrl button, which apparently disables the snapping while it is pressed, so it works fine now :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply, you know, life …

As i said above it is just a matter of taste, it work for you then you should use it that way.

As long as i know, no there is not. Array modifier is your friend

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