Sculpting - rotate

Is there a possibility to rotate view camera around the place where my mouse cursor is placed ? (in sculpting mode).

The way to do it is by ticking “rotate around selection” in the user preferences. Then rotation will happen around the last stroke position.

I know and it’s not what i want. In rotate around selection in sculpting mode it rotates around object geometry origin. So when i have zoomed to detail and i rotate i have to tweak it after. Rotate around selection works good when u have vert/edge/poly selected. Now it’s more clear i hope :slight_smile:

How about quickly tabbing into edit mode and selecting a vert or a face near the area you’re sculpting and hitting the period key (.) on the num pad. Then you can rotate the viewport around that area.

Hope this helps.

Yeah… i figured it out as well… Unfortunately it doesn’t help. It takes too much time. I want to stay in sculpt mode all the time. Is there any addon to do that?

Try this

Create a set of bones in an armature with each bone positioned and named for a location on your sculpt.

Example. Nose Head Tail L_Ear etc. Put these on a hidden layer.

Now set “lock to object” in the view panel to lock to the armature.
Then in sculpt mode select the bone from the drop down that you wish to rotate around.

well… i just don’t know what to say :smiley: … still not solved :wink:

Not sure if there’s an addon does that.

I just don’t want to create new things, name them, edit them, back to sculpting, do few scratches, go to edit or outliner, pick the object… you know… :smiley: it’s not solution for my problem. I wan’t to rotate around the place where brush is sticking to and continue my sculpting. It could really help in work flow. I use tablet, under my thumb i have middle and right mouse button, and my left hand is on keyboard mainly for ctrl and shift and than other shortcuts. This “rotate around selection” is not a problem since u don’t go very zoomed to make some details.

You didn’t try it, did you? It takes very little time to set up and works a treat.

Not saying that there couldn’t be a better way. But as of now, it’s the best I know of.

When you are in Sculpt mode and give a brush stroke on your sculpt (or even if you use a brush with no strength and give a click of it anywhere on your sculpt), simply press " Numpad . " and you’ll now rotate around that last stroke , without the need of going out of the Sculpt mode.

Great. “Numpad .” without entering edit mode works good :slight_smile: Didn’t check that this way… Thank you Sanctuary. And by the way. Don’t you guys think it could be good thing to implement to Blender something like i asked before? Zoom to cursor is awesome and “rotate around cursor” in Sculpt mode without tapping “.” can be great as well imo. One button less to click :wink:

Thank you! another Blender tidbit of usefulness…

Yes, implementing the 3d cursor in sculpt could be very useful. Brush offsets, view position / rotation etc. Currently you can position it only numerically, which is basically useless.