Sculpting setup with wacom

Does anyone have any guidance in setting up and using a Wacom for sculpting. I had one and tried to use it but no matter what I can’t get in a groove and I’m slower and clumsier than with my mouse. The main thing I struggle with is figuring out a good way to navigate and what is the beat button configuration. Any tutorials or guidance?

I configure my wacom like a mouse, no special setup in blender.

That response doesn’t actually help.

Since Blender uses all of what it can out of a Wacom tablet, set it up as best you see fit.
To help you “see fit” check out these thoughts:

  • You have a three-button mouse in the stylus - which do you want to be the middle button? You need to change that immediately;
  • You can do pie menu with Wacom - this will take you some time and effort as others can’t offer much insight on how you work and what you want to access the quickest;
  • Play, play, play - get used to using it by using it often. Only then can you figure out how soft you want it to be, how quickly to tap for a doubleclick, etc.

When you say a good way to navigate I would suggest knowing the shortcut keys that might assist in this.


Top button on the stylus to RMB
Middle button of the stylus to MMB
like a mouse…

I was trying to figure out a way to make it work with some combination of express keys and pen buttons but I think not matter what I’m going to have to keep the keyboard.
My goal was to use the express keys for zooming, rotating, panning. But then because of the vertical layout it’s not practical to also use them for ALT and SHIFT while sculpting. The way they’re laid out also makes it impractical to use Emulate 3 Button Mouse and just assign them as Shift and Alt keys because the buttons are not easy to press two keys the way a keyboard button is.

Left hand on express keys, it works well once you acclimate yourself to it.
For Shift, alt, and control, the buttons are pretty handy.
A keyboard is king. My thoughts: don’t try to get rid of the king.