Sculpting sketchbook

You all may noticed how many artists attracted by Dynamic Topology and blender sculpting these days.
More and more will come. Because IMO, blender sculpting is becoming competitive to zbrush.
This is not the appropriate topic to further talk about it.
I’m just proposing a new topic on BA. Sculpting Sketchbook. Or, simply sketchbook.
Some posting fine works on finished projects. (though sculpting can be considered rather as a progress, an exploration)
Some others in the excellent Dynamic topology thread; though very interesting, it doesn’t show the progress of the artist.
Some others on WIP topic. Difficult to find what works are related with sculpture or sketching there.

Still, we have this, for focused critic, topic. Though I read about it, I still can’t understand what it really means. Such works belong rather to the WIP.

Here’s my suggestion:
Focused critic topic turn to a sketchbooks topic .

Or, just add a new sketchbook topic.

New blender, new needs you see.
Just visit the zbrushcentral forum and see how nice it works. Only one topic for artwork. It works perfectly, believe me.