Sculpting: smoothing strength separate from tool strength?

Is there a parameter that defines the SHIFT-SMOOTHING of all sculpt tools from the strength of the tool itself? I’m finding the default Shift-Smooth Strength to be too high.

I’m using a mouse, so stylus-pressure is not an issue.

The Shift-Smooth strength is linked to the strength of the Smooth brush. So if you press S to activate the Smooth brush as a tool and change its strength, this will reflect in the Shift-Smooth strength of all Sculpt Mode brushes.

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Excellent, exactly what I needed to know. :beers:

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In my version I had to press Shift-S. For anyone who struggles (:

Yeah, the keyboard shortcut for the Smooth brush has changed to Shift + S in the mean time. I’ve changed it back to the S key in the Blender Preferences, and also reverted it to the old toggle behaviour, for easy switching between Smooth and the previously active brush.

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