Sculpting style


I have a question about sculpting. I spend a lot of time on Art Station and I’ve seen some artists display highly stylized characters such as this one.

What appeals me in this sculpt are the hard edges of the character. How can you reach such an effect ? When I sculpt, I usually can’t get anything that clean. I have more rounded shapes.

Thanks for your tips!

most of this is just modeled, beveled and subdivided couple of times. Actual sculpt is a here and there detail. The worflow here is to sculpt major of forms in for example dyntopo>then retopology>add bevels>subdivide few times> sculpt scratches and some damage.

No way to “automate” this I think.
1- regular modeling of the shapes and sculpting the details .
2- sculpted frome scratch : first block the main shapes with low res , and then refine and subdivide, and polish.

Awesome ! I think this looks like it !
So, to sum up the process:

  • Start with base mesh
  • Sculpt with dyntopo while keeping the base mesh
  • Retopo using old base mesh : model v.2
  • Bevel
  • Subdivide
  • Retopo using model v.2 ?

Thanks a lot !

No need for another retopo from step 6. First retopo from step 3 will serve as low poly mesh (if you plan to make game models) and if you make some adjustements for high poly mesh, you will just adjust low poly for those changes.