sculpting test

half an hour or so.

Never tried the sculpting tools in blender, besides some strangely placed hotkeys and not having a quick key for smoothing like in every other sculpting tool, its darn impressive.

Looks awesome! I really must try the sculpt tool someday.

Maybe the face is to small for the heador v.s.?

/ Mats

oh its the orthographic view I took the screenshot in, but yes, the sculpting mode is very comparable to the other costy alternatives.

a quick key for smoothing
s to use the smooth brush.

shift+s to enable/disable the smooth stroke option.

Not sure what other smooths are there when sculpting that you might have refered to.

sorry, I’ll make it a bit more clear :slight_smile:

lets say when drawing or any other mode is selected, I’ll want to have a quick way of enabling and disabling smoothing, as a secondary tool, a well used one aswell.

in mudbox it would be if I remember right holding down shift to smooth, and releasing it will go back to the selected tool.

It’s quite important in the workflow to cut down on the keypressed between smoothing and sculpting, mainly because you don’t want to move your hands away from ctrl and shift all the time.

but as I might have said, its preference, and likely to be changeable in 2.5

Thats a quality sculpt, especially for Blender, really fantastic!

I just checked out your site, you’ve got a lot of really inspiring work on there. What other apps do you use for your work? Can you give any tips as to workflow and technique?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Blender for the modelling, photoshop for the texturing, and mudbox for sculpting due to its specialized build and ease of use.

If you’re asking about workflow in sculpting then I can say, take low, mid and high level details in mind, build the mesh in each subdivision, work with the lowest step until you can’t add anything, and need another subdivision, add the step, work that step until you need more subdivisions, etc…

so never subdivide 5 steps and start working from there, its generally a bad idea.