Sculpting Threatened Species of Occitanie

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I am on the project of 3d print figurines of my local region in France: Occitanie. 3 animals are on red lists as in critical status of local extinction. The dragonfly Coenagrion lunulatum, the lizard Iberolacerta aranica, and the harrier Circus pygargus. the purpose of the project is to draw attention on them and to develop biodiversity enhancement.
For the time being I have no big budget. But I intend to have support from some compagnies. I’m searching designers, preferably in fFrance, preferably in Occitanie, to perform 3d printable models of those 3 species. Are you interested by such a work and such a cause?

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are you looking for a just a model without textures? if so i can do the job for you.

Hi ! MichaelBenDavid Yes, I do not want texturing. I see your msg 18days after. Sorry, I was in hollyday. Still here, still interested? Can you support for the damselfly ?
Info in french at:

Possibly. I live in Perpignan and such a project is of interest to me.

Nice !

yes i am still interested! lets talk in the pm instead! btw how much its your budget?

According to naturalists, the Crenscent Bluet (Fr: Agrion à Lunules) is disappearing from Occitania and France. According to the 2018 Red List report, this species is becoming very rare in its hot spot, in Aubrac. It remains common and not threatened outside France, in Europe and Asia. There is little hope that it will not disappear from Occitania, but we can pay tribute to it. The idea is to model it, draw it in 3d, and make figurines of it.
See nice pix of coenagrion lunulatum:

Many Thx to Varipon