Sculpting tool in 2.5?

Hey everyone, so, I am working on a little project to help me get used to blender. So far I have the modeling done for the head of an Orc, now it’s not the best thing ever, but hey, I’m still learning. Anyway, that is completely irrelevant. It seems that the sculpt tool in Blender 2.5 does not work. IDK if it’s only for me, or if it just doesn’t work in general. I am using the 2.5 Alpha 2. Some of the tools work, like grab and layer. But, sometimes the Sculpt tool just decides to CRASH BLENDER!! However, Blender 2.49b works fine with sculpt, the only problem is Blender 2.5 saves differently than Blender 2.49. So, any assistance would be great

BTW not sure if this helps, but I am running Windows Vista 2.5 gb ram if anymore detail is needed please let me know =)

Try more recent build downloadable from which will have more functionality and more bug fixes than the official alpha 2

Thanks a lot, I downloaded the newest build… good news is… the sculpt tool works ! bad news is… the alt+left drag doesn’t work lol I’ll try another build

And the sculpt tools stop once again… IDK why, but now, in the newest build the sculpt tool stopped working and it crashes… ugh… this is awesome =/ any help again would be appreciated

Well, first off the left+alt is fixed.
Second, try the JWilkins builds on because he is working on making sculpt work well and it even has new tools.
I just built a version of the JWilkins branch myself yesterday and you can find it here:

hmm… still nothing… It just keeps crashing everytime I click on
Sculpt Mode, and the alt+left still doesn’t work… The alt+left works on the Alpha2 official release on, but not from the ones on, which means it’s probably not the build seeing as none of the builds alt+left are working and I don’t have enough programming experience to look through the python files, I only know basic python. There’s an image attatched that has the error as well as the command prompt for blender when I get the error. is it because I have dual monitors? I’ll try turning off my other monitor
EDIT: Turning off my other monitor let me use the sculpt tool, but it didn’t let me orbit.

Everything is working now, Turned off my Monitor, it works fine, I turn my monitor back on it works the same, it’s just kind of a hastle to turn my monitor off everytime I use 2.5 thanks for the help