Sculpting tutorials

Hey people,
I hope I am right by posting in this category.I am looking for books/tutorials/and really good videos for sculpting.
I am a total beginner in the section of sculpting but I liked what I could do when I tried it and it will help me with what I want to create.

Any suggestions?

There are insane amounts of sculpting tutorials on Youtube, there is also on blendercookie, blendernerd, blenderguru etc…

It’s mostly just a matter of finding someone who’s tutoring style fits you… Be it technical, humorous, assuring…

You might start with and or if you’re looking for hard surface sculpting, try (that last one requires citizen membership I think). I’ve not seen many tutorials for dynotopo sculping but I’m sure they are out there and sculpting brush theory from prior tutorials still apply.

Thanks for the answers,gonna check em out.