Sculpting undo skips several steps / reverts to last saved version

(ayredv) #1

Hey there,

I’m quite new to sculpting, so maybe one of you can tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if this is the expected behavior.
When sculpting in blender, I can only use Strg+Z for undo a few times (maybe 4-5 steps) before it’s completely reverting to the last saved version. Then there’s no turning back, as redo won’t work at all in that case.

Im using 2.8, so this might be a bug, but in 2.79 undo was also quite clunky…

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m getting quite annoyed by not being able to undo properly. Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, on a side note: Every time I’m using Dyntopo, Blender tells me there is vertex data detected. I find it quite annoying that this is ALWAYS popping up, even for a newly added object. Any way to improve this?

(yogyog) #2

Well - it may be that you can back, at least - look at Undo History in the Edit menu. The rest of this … DOES sound like a bug… The first step is to see if anyone else has reported it, and if not write your own report.