Sculpting - unwanted "mirror" effect

Hi. I’ve got a project going involving talking animated dolphins. You can see the WIP topic here:

I have the character modeled and a mostly serviceable color map finished. What I wanted to do next was try to use the Blender sculpt tool and normal bake to create a normal map for extra detail.

Here’s my problem: I go into sculpt mode and sculpt something on this guy’s face. Let’s just say it’s a huge inward gouge. Here’s Mr. Dolphin before sculpting:

Now here he is afterwards:

Why is the effect of his mouth mirrored onto his forehead? This doesn’t make any sense to me. I really wanted to make a normal map, but I can’t get good results if it’s doing this. Any help would be much appreciated.


Press N to bring up the sculpt properties and turn off the symmetry on the affected axis.

My guess would be that you have z-symmetry on.
Press N-key in the 3D viewport and uncheck Symmetry -> Z in the sculpt properties window.

(Or simply press Z-key when in sculpt mode.)

Alright! It worked. Thanks guys.