Sculpting, use tangent normal map?

Is it possible to use a tangent normal map as a texture brush?


sure, but i doubt you will get the expected result… better to use a bump map/displacement map. what exactly is it that you want to do?

I was looking at an image which had parts described as being simply made by using ZProject in ZBrush, having never used ZBrush I was just wondering, mainly because it looks a little more than just displacement.

But yes all my tests using tangent normal maps as textures came out nothing like I desired…

Some interesting ideas though…


well theres nothing exactly like it in blender… you could however use the clone brush in layer mode to copy normal data from one layer to another.

this wouldn’t be a great workflow but lets say you have a normal mapped mesh and another mesh without normal maps but some details that you’d like to apply to the normal map of your first object… you’d just create an additional UV and add a new texture, then bake the normals from the second object onto the first, then clone whichever part you like from the new UV layer to the old.

or if you have a hi poly model and you want to apply the real 3d data… the shrink wrap modifier works well… just create and paint a new vertex group to tell the modifier where to apply the effect