Sculpting Vertices Slow?

Hey. I’m having a bit of trouble with sculpting mode - for whatever reason, Blender is sculpting slowly. Note that Blender’s running quickly, just that the sculpting process is very, very slow - the vertices are moving about extremely slowly (even with the brush’s strength up to 1.0). Is there something else that I’m missing? I tried using a smaller mesh, but that didn’t help any…

ok… for sculpting there are a few points that can improve your sculpting performance!
First of all I would grab a blender build with openMP enabled. Unfortunately there are not that much builds out there. And as far as I know even the official builds have not enabled it by default.

I asume you use the Multires Modifier for Sculpting?
When you want to sculpt, take care, that your basemesh has a already a good amount of faces(It is better to increase the first face counts by subdividing the basemesh, than using multireslevels). this will increase sculptingspeed later with lots of polygons. Further under Object Data disbale double sided faces.
And last, but not least. Check if VBO is enabled in the User Preferences.

That are the points I always check when I start sculpting. I hope this helps you.

Thanks, ndee, but I don’t think my problem’s with sculpting slowing my computer down, but with the speed of the actual sculpting process. For example, I run my mouse across a subdivided plane several times, and the vertices move very slowly, like hundredths of a Blender Unit at a time. I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier to sculpt with a pre-made mesh (one from the ANT landscape generator) than with the plane. Should I use a cube or sphere first? Any ideas?

ah… I get your point.
Try ctrl+a and apply scale and rotation!