Sculpting, what are the basics, or best places to look for them

Just looking for some general info on how to get started with sculpting in blender. I’ve been looking at some videos and experimenting myself. Really looking for a solid workflow to use.
A problem I’ve been running into is that the mesh seems more malleable in certain places versus others. Also, what’s the best way to smooth out the mesh over all after sculpting is done? Is there a way to use shrinkwrap?


Sculpting is quite a deep topic; you could ask ten different artists their workflow, and all ten would give you different answers.

It would be more helpful if we knew specifically what you’re looking to sculpt?

But here is some general stuff:

Generally, you have two ways of sculpting. Dyntopo, or Remeshing. Dyntopo is kinda ok in Blender, though it’s being worked on I believe. Remeshing is simpler. Just pick a density for the mesh, and hit remesh. You can even just use Shift + R and CTRL + R if you’re in the sculpting panel. Very quick, easy and convenient.

If by smoothing, you mean a smooth, clean mesh once you’re done, then what you’re probably after is retopology, not to be confused with remeshing. Though there are some tools that can auto do it now, it’s generally done by hand, unless it doesn’t need to be the neatest in the world. But, yes, Shrinkwrap is generally used in the retopology phase, along with snapping to faces.

But yeah, it all depends on what you’re making. As a rock will be different to a character, right?


I am working on modeling a lawn flamingo, and thought it would be easiest to sculpt the wing details, which are just 3 or 4 subtle cuts. When trying to use dyntopo it crashes blender. I just put together a new workstation, so I would find it hard to believe that my pc is the problem.

Im going to use your suggestions and see what I can come up with.

Thank you!