Sculpting with a mouse

Hi people, i need some information on sculpting… are there many artists who use mouse for sculpting? or does everyone use a tablet?

can we achieve the quality of sculpting as good as we can achieve using a tablet by using a mouse ?

i have not started learning it yet. Im really looking for inspiration from people who actually used mouse to make good sculptures so that i wont get frustrated and drop the idea.


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Check out @iceking sculpts. He uses mouse. It’s doable if you cannot afford a tablet.

Get a tablet. There’s no excuse anymore not to. I switched to a tablet twenty years ago and never looked back. You can get a tablet for about the same cash as a good gaming mouse (not your €9.99 superstore cheapie). A pencil/pen/crayon/brush is the most natural extension of your hand for artistic endeavors, even for CG.

Yeah, maybe so. “Doable” is the keyword here. I could build a guitar using only a pen knife but I’ve got better things to do than be MacGyver. :laughing:

Get the tablet already.


Yeah if for whatever reason he cannot get a tablet, a mouse will do. It will be painful though!

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I sculpt mainly with my mouse. but when it gets to sculpt hair or cloth it’s a big nono!
you need as much as control as you can get for doing hair and cloth. you can sculpt for example pants with a tablet with a few strokes but with a mouse prepare to grind mashing that LMB!
I get in some countries (like mine) a tablet costs and arm and a leg but if you have access to amazon or any internet store there is no excuse not to have one.
also working long hours with mouse causes so much pain in your hand. some times my hands get frozen in the mouse holding state!
also if you don’t have a big, good waterproof mouse pad I won’t recommend doing it with a mouse! your hands will get sweaty a lot. my last mousepad turned to goo after that I bought a logitech hard mousepad:


If I remember correctly, Iceking uses keyboard hotkeys to emulate the mouse buttons which makes it much less painful.


I use alt key for my view pan rotate zoom so my hands are tied to alt shift ctrl and f and w

I wonder If my brain could spare more! :smiley:

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I’d say get a tablet for sculpting, i took the plunge and bought a Wacom Intuos Small when it was on sale on amazon and i haven’t regretted it for a second.
In fact, i am more inclined to get a better one.


From before any computer I was a professional illustrator, brushes and airbrush were my tools, nevertheless I was never able to get used to pen tablet, and I forsook it at once.
Probably a 27" screen tablet could be acceptable although not sure about arm distress, but I feel totally confortable with the mouse in sculpting, to me it’s a more natural tool than a pen, and I find that even relaxing.
Drawing is another thing.

Life is strange.


Thank you sooo much!!!

Thanks… In my country Wacom intuos tablets are not affordable by many… A dollar costs almost 160 of our one unit price.

Thanks everyone for your kind support and suggestions. Feeling quite motivated. Will surely try sculpting and hopefully upload something soon. (or may be as soon as I start getting good at it :slight_smile:). Thanks a lot all of you guys.
Any idea from where to start as a beginner?


For total beginner you should familiarize yourself with each brush behavior. Create a spherical mesh with enough polygon density to sculpt on. Try every brush on it, play with the settings, fall off, stroke, etc. Good luck!

Yeah I already did that… :blush:

Cool, I think you should tackle a human head next. Are you familiar with basic human anatomy and proportions? Google Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis. That book has helped me a great deal.


Don’t shoot yourself in a foot. Use a tablet. Start with a low priced one, in the range up to $100. I cannot figure using a mouse for sculpting.

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Yeah Im somewhat familiar but never sculpted a head before…

I will let you know right now that sculpting with a mouse will have long term negative effects on your dexterity and just the health of your forearm and fingers.

Is there a good tablet in a 100 dollar Range?

Here’s a bunch!