sculpting with alphas

can you sculpt with alphas in 2.49 and if you can how?


I’m not up with terminology so I am assuming what you mean is Sculpt Texture Brushes that have transparency with in them. If I misunderstanding sorry for this post.

Blender Sculpt supports brushes with transparency in them. It also support black and white images that can stand in for transparency with brushes. Ie Black parts of an image have no affect in sculpt and whiter parts have more affect on a sculpt brush texture.

Attached is a screen shot showing a basic setup and location of the various options you need to set, also attached is a Blend file which has a transparent sculpt brush texture applied.


Blender Transparent - Alpha Brush.blend (213 KB)

hey, so u r right,they’re called alphas in zbrush terminology…

so is there a library of alphas(brushes) somewhere ?
it would be useful to make a collection…somewhat like zbrush…u know
different patterns,skin wrinkles,reptilian skins etc…point me to one if it exists,
also to the blender gods…please include a small set of brushes with the next release for basic sculpting,
anyone interested in compiling a small set ?


There was talk of adding a set materials, texture and brush libraries to Blender 2.6, or at least making an external package which people could download as an optional extra. Not sure if it has been done yet.

If the brush in this case is merely an image with an alpha channel, then you should be able to use brush libraries from other software, like modo/zbrush/etc. Or can you?