Sculpting with Bamboo?

“Bamboo” from Wacom.
Do someone allready try it?
Where do I have to pay attention?


i don´t have a Bamboo, but i have an old Wacom Artpad (purchased 1994), wich works just fine. I guess you can think of the Bamboo Tablets as an modern Artpad. I can´t be shure thoug.

A tablet that’s what I need! My 'rents are buying me new technologies in the end of september. I’m getting a Mac Pro, I could use a wacom tablet too! I always wanted one… actually I found one in the shed the other week. It’s like at least 15" diagonally maybe bigger! But it’s from the 80s i think. Would it still work? (it’s a wacom) and if so would it work with modern technology (Mac Pro leopard)?

If it has a Serial-Connector it should work.
There exists a driver for old Tablets on the Support & Drivers Section on the Wacom Homepage. It took me a little bit of effort to adjust the Driver, but it was worth it.

I think it’s a USB cable. I’ll have to double check. If so that would save me $100… Oh and I’m using a mac… it’s insulting that you said “finding drivers” there are no drivers for mac. Their’s a driver for everything since the dawn of computers. I just didn’t know if something that old was even compatible with recent tech.