Sculpting with Blender.

Hey all.

I was wondering have anyone happen to see sculpting help app as i wish.

I’ll open this bit more, this is very tiny wish.

So when i sculpt, let’s say like wall. There is 50 stones to sculpt and time goes goes goes.

Finaly i get 1st round done and i check total view.
Ok, i notice that 5 / 50 rocks look pretty awesome, 15/50 looks poor and rest of em seems something between that.

So the add i like would come now handy, so i pick 1 fine rock and click this beatiful app btton and it gives me green overlay color ( as mark of fine ). this done by 5 times.
Then i choose ugly one and click mage button and it gives red overlay color ( DO NOT USE THIS UGLY STUFF! ).
Then mid one i click and it gives yellow overlay color.

Ok, why this way.

Well i could also hide item but if i give some more stuff around some rock, i don’t want to overlay hidden one.
Why not to freeze?
Well when i have done my 15 ugly ones better, i really won’t probably remember what was good and what was bad and what was between that. ( well only if i check clicking is this freezed or not).
So in the end i might do double work or even triple work if i start checking all rock’s again again and again.

Well changing color with material tab would be one solution but i really would like if someone know’s this kind of addon or could make it cause on / off switch is way easier, not need to jump mat tab, modifier tab… so on…

BTW, sorry 'bout my poor english…

Are you asking if there is a way to lock off some parts of an object so you can’t sculpt on them? Use the Mask Brush.

Instead of long confusing stories, try asking a direct question about what you need.

Hi, About mask brush. It doesn’t give any color? or does it? well anyways. it no need to be mask cause it is not one object. So when i am inside sculpting one i know that i cannot hurt other pieces. But i want visual see what pieces are good and what ain’t good ones.Something like this pic…
Sorry for confusing, english ain’t best language for me so i try to get my point out as well as possible

Invalid attachment. Try uploading that picture again.

I have no idea what you mean by “what pieces are good and what ain’t good ones.” What do you mean by “good”? What do colors have to do with sculpting?

So, if I understand correctly, you have 50 separate object, right?
Than you can block selection over the good ones and give them a color in the viewport if you please; the bad ones you can thrash them and duplicate some other good stones, make a few further sculpt over them and there you go.