Sculpting with suzanne

Sculpting with Blender when it first came out didn’t appeal to me, that was probably because I had been experimenting with pixologics z brush 2 which delivered pleaing results (for a 700hz 200mb computer) which blender could not achieve.

Here is what I managed to get from suzanne when sculpting, Its not completely finnished, Im in the middle of my A level exams (exams before uni in england). But just wondered what you thought.

Looks cool! I would like to take a look at your material setup!

Nice sculpting, though the toon-shading doesn’t really seem to fit… :stuck_out_tongue:

cool. but i hope you are not aiming to submit to iSphere…

What have you done to suzy???


actually this doesnt have toon shading at all, its just the edge settings that I was mucking around with after looking at another thread on blender tests.

Should I remake the eyes or keep them as they are?

wow, thats a pretty cool effect. yes, the eyes look weird. You should make them alien eyes, like ball things with scales on them. like flies. i dunno, I might be allittle off topic lol