Sculpting with UVs and displacements.

Thank you michalis, this is very great technique. Love it so much ! :slight_smile: BTW this is my work

I don’t know how to make it looks better. Any suggestion ?

where do you get the toon shader?
also… is that a new bump group you made? or is this a new default blender group I’m missing?

errr… wait… just checked… haven’t downloaded 2.67b…

nope still can’t find the toon shader…

Get latest buildbot build.

Get latest buildbot build.

Thanks for the heads up

@Kantlove: I like the camera angle and your scene. To make it better, use more color for the buildings and or sky, a different material for each element. A sense of directional lighting can go a long way to making you feel more like you are there, looking up. Maybe add some non-UV displacement elements, like electronic billboards on the sides of the building or small blinking lights on the ships.

Download new blender from buildbot r 57287
The new NPR (fixed some issues) in cycles.
Using our UV+displ workaround, who needs freestyle…lol

This one, combining sculpting, dyn topology/retopology/multires/UVs . So I could displace some areas with our usual method.
Toon shader again, I’m in love with this new toy.

I missed this thread.
Here a new one, new technique. Only bumps and AO maps, the rest is modeling, adopting some zb methods. Selecting loops, duplicating them, separate, solidify etc.

Wow michalis,
That is an amazing piece, unique style, colors, composition and render.
Very well done my friend :slight_smile:


Thanks Tung
A workaround, favorite to many zbrush users. Just pick some face loops, copy and separate, use extrudes or solidify on then. Subdivide then, pick other loops, or create some news, make a new “layer” etc etc. UVs are still there, or create new ones.
UVs and displacements as always, just as bumps and AO though. It’s more creative this way, it is also possible to use more organic patterns. No need to go for million faces as well. Here ~100k, though it looks good on 25k already.

Another one.

the whole pice has an amazing flow to the shape, style, -n- execution.
Amazing this is with bump, ao + (edgeedgloop extrusions?)
of much cleaner the detail, compared to the displace modifier.

Very well done, (as always)


Select some face loops, duplicate and separate. Use the solidify modifier then. UVs are still there but you can edit them.
It’s tricky, you need thin face loops, so duplicate the mesh subdivide and apply, then select. Discard the unused mesh.
Just some ideas,

Wow! Those last two are fantastic, Michalis. You should have them 3D printed.

Steve S

To 3d print what? It’s only a topology game with bumps and AO maps.
Here the wire frame.

wow!!! michalis i really like those NPR render you make and all your work really nice and well done, and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us…

how all these twists and turns achieved?

by hand?,proportional edit?,some modifier?

really nice,gives me ideas.

Thank you all.
I also posted it in sketchbooks.
This is basically a test of the new z remesher (zbrush 4r6)
I sculpted a low poly dynamesh, twisted the basic forms etc. Auto retopolgy with two three loop guides.
Amazing result. I could edit it further (that makes it amazing)
In blender I could select face loops, duplicate and separate. Solidify then. UVs / follow active etc.
It is around 25k faces. No really need for further sub surf though I did render 400k faces.
The 25 k looks almost the same. I could remove loops, or ask for fewer faces in auto retopology (brush). It won’t look nice though.

thank you :smiley:

Doodling. Click for a 1280 px image