Sculpting with UVs and displacements.

Thanks for the explanation. I was hoping it was just something I wasn’t doing right, but like anything else it requires some effort. I’ll study the tutorial and hopefully produce something I’m happy with. Thanks again.

Please, post some test, to have a visual approach on your difficulties, if any.

Killin’ some time while compiling a couple of builds…


Very good Tung!
This image expresses my feelings of these last few days.
You my try to select a loop, duplicate and separate it. Solidify it. Then do the UV tricks again.

Thanks for the encouragement on technique Michalis. I put coding aside so I could try out some of your suggestions with duplicating, separating and solidifying. Do you leave the solidify in place at the top of the stack, at the bottom, or do you apply it? I followed my solidify up with a Simple deformer in twist mode.


Yes Atom, something like this.
I would apply solidify. Then UVs. After the UVs! you may subdivide once or twice and apply. You may sculpt (grab twist inflat smooth on it). You can peak more thin loops on it and separate again. This might lead you to a more Gigeresque style. Because of this, here’s a displ map, a bit more organic.
It’s a 16 bit B&W tiff.
Displ Map, more gigeresque

thank you michalis for sharing! i made this with your maps today (and learned the compositor too :-))

Great work doris,
Awesome uv loops -n- colors
Did you use the ivy gen too for the leaves?


yes, ivy gen :slight_smile: was a first try, need to explore it more to understand the controls better though…

Do you really understand what’s all about this method?
I wonder. It’s a topology game, a loops game. If not, this method goes to trash.
To separate loops, to subdivide and select -separate selections, To solidify, etc etc.
Are you sure you have the whole image of this process? A vision?
It is important. You know friends, I was expecting some new, fresh ideas on this process. Should I invent everything, alone?
Is this what you expected from me? To just post new displacement maps?
See what happened. Many of you used your displ maps, but you didn’t share them. Right?
This forum is not the best I have seen. By any aspect.


na… it’s just that your so damn good at this michalis… I mean I follow this thread constantly (but contribute to it little)… I have gotten more education about how to use blenders UV unwrapping, Cycles, texturing, loop tools, subdivition modeling, (and more stuff I can’t think of right now) … This one of the best Threads I have seen on blender artist… Hell this one of the best threads I know of on any 3D form on the entire internet… perhaps if you jumped over to the Rigging area you would see how much time I personally spend helping people get up to speed on Rigging in Blender… to see that many of us are contributing in the areas where that we know… and then we learn from everyone else… everything else… That’s how it should be… your expert in one thing… and you go to everyone else for all your other needs…

Hey take it as a compliment Michalis… your the best at this… that’s just all there is too it… Just keep on educating us all and sooner or later we will be teaching you how to do it… that’s just how it works in life and it just takes some time… And people will remember that you shared with with them… they most certainly will not forget my friend… they will not forget how you helped them out when they were struggleing to learn it…

I know i won’t… and one of these days I will pay you back in Spades (when I become Rich and Famous) (dont’ hold your breath) but you never know… it could happen…

Norvman has made a couple of important points I wish to echo.

First of all, I’m sure many of us have looked at your work and been very impressed. I have used this technique on several jobs now, but cannot show any of my work for obvious reasons. If I ever create my own bump map, I will certainly post it here. The most important thing is for you to develop this technique as far as you can go with it, and educate whoever wants to be in the finer details of UV sculpting.

Secondly, not everyone has the time to contribute.

Lastly, you are the best at this. You have spent a long time, no doubt, experimenting with this technique. You have a huge amount of practical experience with this now, and for someone to take up the baton and run with this will take them a while.

Keep calm. Soldier on. You have no idea in which direction this is going in.

I urge to share as much of your knowledge as possible. So, if you discover that doing something in a particular way will result in a lot of grief, share that! We all want to avoid hassle. And, naturally, vice-a-versa!

Cranked out another one,
This time with loops, extrusions, solidify.


Great work Tung.

See? You don’t need zbrush for such works. On the contrary, blender is much more suitable for this kind of modeling.
You may subdivide a little more and enter sculpting mode. Grab, inflat, twist, pinch magnify. For a little more organic style, if needed.

Why do I keep getting “No objects found to bake too.”?
Following directions on first page of this thread.

Hi florida.
You are trying to bake to active, right?
You have to select both objects, the last will be the active. It must have a UV set, a texture too. New texture, pixels blah blah, save it. Then you’re ready to go.
A tutorial on bake to active is what you ask for.

Alternatively, the cycles based way creates much better displacements and AO maps. Maybe you should try it?

Did all that, but not sure about the texture. I did the UV, the image, select relief, shift + select Plane(target) set distance. But if the Cycles way is better than I prefer to go with that.
Is that tut in the thread? Can you point me to that? – Edit: Found it. Will work on that.

Wow. this is an amaizing thread. Im interested in this kind of techniques. Now i have to read from the start. :smiley:

#1000 is mine :evilgrin: Wow, impressing artworks so far.

Michalis, Is the 32 bit exr format also ggod for baking normal maps?