Hi guys. I have been using blender for a while now and I have been seeing these great sculpting speedarts on blender like this one

I wanna give it a try too but I dont know where to begin. I dont have a drawing tablet or anything.So, I was wondering if I can do sculpting with a mouse. Do we even need a tablet here?
I would really appreciate some help here.Please guide me in the general direction and then I think I can pick it up as I go.

Some prefer a pen and tablet but you can totally sculpt with a mouse. I prefer a mouse myself. Watch some videos explaining the sculpting tools… and some vids on using dynamic topology. Having reference material helps. Not everything has to be sculpted on the sculpt. For example if you are modelling a cyborg with a mix of organic and hard surface, you can poly model components and then boolean them onto the sculpt. Normally booleans make for crappy mesh topology but it doesn’t matter on a sculpt since you usually retopo the thing afterwards. Hopefully others will jump in with more advice.

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You can absolutely sculpt with a mouse. I do use mine to sculpt every now and again when I can’t be bothered to go get my tablet and plug it in :stuck_out_tongue:

However using a tablet is more intuitive and you get access to useful functions like pressure sensitivity. Also for long sculpting sessions a tablet is more comfortable.
But you can definitely do it with a mouse too. Don’t wait until you have the “right tools”, just jump right in and get started.

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What, in your opinion, would be a right place to start? Are there any landmark tutorials which I should begin with?