Hey, everyone. Can anybody please tell me where I can find one or more tutorials regarding the new sculpt feature? I’d appreciate it tons. :]


I’m not sure how may actually exist just yet. Theres the basic push in, pull out, inflate and pinch to think of it like clay. Partial Redraw allows Blender to work a bit faster/smoother by only redrawing the polygons you’re working on. Dont go past about 500,000 to 1million polys depending on your machine, maybe even lower. Multires helps a buch if you want to go back to a lower mesh later, but I think that takes a little more memory.

Sorry for the little rushed info… I might write an actual tut of sorts for it later, currently working on a character .blend for people to animate with. Another thought is to look up tutorials for z-brush and apply the basic principles (except masks, thats not it Blender yet as far as I know.)

If anyone else sees this thread and knows of a tut I don’t, please post for killned3’s sake. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


Thanks a lot, you guys. :]. That really helped.

thanks as well… i’ve been living my life with clay (in the real life i am a sculptor) and man o’man, Blender can even do that!! thanks a lot.