I’ve been “playing” with Sculptris for just over a week now… Loving it!

I had some initial reservations (from trying earlier versions_) but alpha 3 has clicked…

the beta should be finished soon and the talk is lite on details, but everyone on the program seems very excited!

Anyway, here’s a picture diary of my efforts and I’m now going to try re-topoing and refining some of these in blender… (as well as perhaps doing some more!)

painted pants!

a step back, but fun!


This soft is unbelievable…absolutely great for high poly modeling and surfaces…Great…Thanks for information :yes:

Ohh… I didn’t know sculptris at all, it seems very promising !
I’ll download it and have a go. Thanks !

If you do check out tarons videos!

gives a nice taster!

It seems a good program.
but does it have some tools to pose the model?
is it a software opensource or freeware?

I´ve been playing with scupltris as well and I like it a lot too. I just find myself lost in detail too early all the time before the basic volumes are done. Then again I am more a mesher than sculptor.

However, I love fatboy absolutely. He´s so believable, I´d like to see him rigged and walking with lots of softbody parts.
A masterpiece IMO =)

Besides, I don´t know if you´d take it as compliment as its a matter of taste, but your style is very much early Rockstar*Studio which I adore.
It has something true and lively I can´t explain. =)

Marcolorenz it has move rotate and scale (view dependant) which can be combined with masks… so you can pose… I’d prefer to pose using an armature though…

Arexma, fatboy is one of my favourites too! I have to say that this sculpting package feels like sculpting like I draw…

Rockstar, i love what they did with marketing art for GrandtheftAuto in all its incarnations…

I love gnarly exagerated grotesques like they do, or 2000ad back in its early years… or for that matter a Sergio Leone spaghetti western… extreme wide shot BIG landscapes juxtaposed with extreme close up uglies! or the work of Sebastian Kruger when he stays clear of the airbrush and the “well worn” caricature style…

I’ve always loved Terry gilliam too and thought the “Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus” was a masterpiece…

\I gotcarried away there… it’s just that recently I’ve been trying to workout what i’m all about…

Gilliams juxtposition of an old school travelling show that relies on imagination falling on deaf ears to an audience that just wants the next big action movie seems wonderfully apt…


is it opensource or freeware

sadly the licence is un-clear as yet… the author is un-decided…

he does mention it’s likely he’ll give it away for free but recommend donation amounts… and that he wants to maintain control of the direction of the software… but gets bored easily…

Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve never heard of Sculptris before, it’s great.

Seems to run well under wine, too. :slight_smile:

under wine undo is “ctrl alt z” rather than just “ctrl-z” also, if you use any “non-modifier” key shortcuts it freezes until you activate another window then come back! but yes, it works OK…( i have one laptop where performance is un-usable under wine, (shared memory for graphicscard) but my others it’s as responsive as windows…

Just tried it too (again) and i agree - it is fantastic! :slight_smile:

Ha Loolarge that’s awesome!

Here’s a rhino in progress… just the muscles… no fat or skin etc… more black rhino than white…

Just wanted to chime in and say sculptris is the S***, just tried it out for about an hour, first time, knocked this out for fun… usually I find organic modeling quite hard, but this felt very easy. It’s nice not to have to worry about topology or mesh detail. I think everyone should try it out once the beta comes out. Right now I can’t get it to export anything. It’s very strange, files saved with Sculptris are visible to sculptris, but NOTHING else, not even the OS. I’m on W764, I think this is a common problem on this OS.

Kemmler, I don’t know what the problem might be…

Taron just posted some preview teasers of the next version… drool!

links here:

ooooh cool
really like the rhino :slight_smile:
nice work man

Hah hah, thanks, somehow I thought you would!

The rhino is fantastic, as is the program. Thanks for this Michael, seeing that you were interested and using it really encouraged me to fool around, and I have never been happier that I tried something. I have already retopoed a little pac-man with arms just to see how it would go, and it went beautiful. Sculptris + Blender = Powerful JuJu.

Thanks for turning me on to this.

holy crap, can’t wait until the beta

Actually, I hope he never releases it, because I will never get any actual work done again…

I know this is an old post, but how do I get it to run in wine, all i get is an error about it not being executable.

right click on the .exe ---->properties—>permissions

check the checkbox for “allow executing file as a program”

(you could always do that from a terminal using chmod to change the permissions if you prefer…)

then double clicking the exe should launch it with wine…