I am attempting to learn how to better use the improved sculpting tools in Blender 2.6. I wanted to try to make a human head without any references to see what I could come up with. I started with a cube, subdivided twice, sculpted the base shape, and then added mutires modifier.

Here is what I’ve done so far.

Any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated.


looks like you ran low on polys around the mouth, that always happens to me too. i guess that is what the dynatopo branch is about.

You can sculpt a couple of levels of multres and then apply the modifier. Then add a new multires. You can get quite a bit further that way.

Actually I have quit a bit of mesh to work with. I just haven’t really done very much work around the mouth or eyes yet. Here is a little more definition. I realize I should be defining the form a little more at a lower level but I’m still learning.

Here is a little more work.

I think it’s coming along. I need to work on the forehead area more and also around the eyes.

One last update for today. He finally has opened his eyes. He looked like he was asleep.

Any comments/suggestions?

Here is some more refinement around the nose, mouth and eyes. Hinted at muscle structure on the neck. I gave him a bit more realistic looking eyes so it didn’t look so weird. Next things to add are the ears.

Basic ear in place. It still needs work.

The chin to mouth area looks kind of strange, like he has a differente bone structure. Still, going in the right direction I think

Ok, I’ve made a little progress. Any comments/suggestions?

This is looking much better. I love the startled expression. The lips are a little thin for my liking, but that could be what you’re going for. Will look forward to the next updates!

Looking good. Mind showing us the wires? (:

I will eventually retopo this to get a nice clean mesh. Since I started with a very basic mesh the topology is super messy but the point of this is to improve with the sculpt mode. I am currently at 5 levels of multires at about 90k verts. Here is my base mesh:

I’ve been playing with trying to get decent looking braided hair. I want to do some braids in his beard once I finish modelling. Here is one result of my experiments. Getting hair to look decent is pretty tricky. The lighting, material and color is completely bleh so don’t mind that.

I think the moulth area could be improved slightly.

Yeah, the lips and nose have been bothering me more and more. I finally made some adjustments to it.

I also made the pupils slightly larger so he doesn’t look so surprised. Lol
I realize his cheek is a little jacked up. I need to flatten it some.

looks good to me, it’s got good contours to it

Some more changes and refinement. I changed the nose again. I didn’t like the look of it. Also did some work on the brow, and more work on the cheek area and around the mouth. By slightly lowering the brow in the center he has a slightly different look now.

I’m pretty happy with the overall look of this. Not sure if I’ll spend a lot of time working on making this a finished render or whether I’ll try doing some more sculpts first. Getting a lot more comfortable with the brushes and such. The key to workflow seems to be using the keyboard shortcuts to easily move between brush types and using the ‘f’ key a LOT to change the radius of the brush. I haven’t gotten into any more advanced brush settings yet like custom brushes or different shapes. It’s also interesting the way the ‘d’ key toggles between 3 different draw brushes so you can use different settings on each one. Oddly though when you hold down the ‘d’ key to use the grease pencil the tool changes like crazy between the 3 settings while you are drawing. Weird.

I gave him some very basic textured facial hair just for fun. Experimenting with textured brush.