SculpTkt - a toolkit for sculptors

I just tried the new Ellipse and Rectangle modes of the Slash Cutter, but they don’t seem to work. You can drag the shapes, but there’s no cut.

Tried it on the default cube, using the latest Master beta (July 22). The PolyLine mode does work.

For me it works.
Do you see any error message in the console?
Could you tell more precise steps to reproduce the problem, or a short gif/video, so I can see what’s happening?

This is what I do, in Object Mode, standard Blender startup scene:

The same goes for the Rectangle option. Only the PolyLine works fine.

Do you click/drag > release or click > release > drag > click ?

I click + drag then release. If I click once first, the Slash Cutter (and entire Sculpt Toolkit menu) exits.

I’m using a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet + pen, if that might be the cause. But that should simply emulate mouse operations.

I dont think it has anything to do with the tablet.

Just to dissect the problem, could you try, clicking and releasing then dragging? with a mouse also if you can.

Ok, I’ll try that. Be right back.

Tried it. Clicking once in Ellipse mode simply exits, I’ve dragged anyway, in case there’s an invisible ellipse, but no cut.

I’ll have to see if I’ve still got a mouse lying around somewhere.

No mouse in the near vicinity (desk drawers and such). I’ll have to go upstairs and search for it. If it’s essential I’ll do that.

I’m trying to reproduce the problem but It works with mouse and I don’t have a tablet lying around here to test it now.

Ok, I’ll look for a mouse in my little man cave upstairs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Had a look, but I’m afraid I’ve got no mouse anymore. I used to have an old Razer game mouse, but I remember the rubbery surface started to get sticky.

Sorry. If there’s anything else I can try for you, just let me know.

Don’t, worry, I think you gave me enough information, I’ll just do some tests, I have a guess of what’s happening.

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just tried the “put print calls in every variable of the code” debug strategy… never fails. Thankfully, is a fairly small addon
It was supposed to be only two points.
I’m sorry, I should’ve caught that before release.
I’m gonna fix.

Hey guys It’s now fixed.
I already updated both blender market and github repo.
Anyone who is seeing this bug can download the new version already.