Sculptober evolution

Hi there, I open this thread where I will be uploading some of my sculptober models so I can track my evolution during the challenge. My plan is to come back to some of the models after the challenge ends and try to get a finished model, so all feedback, critiques, comments and ideas are more than welcome

Day 3: Poison.
Total time: around 6 hours

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Day 5: Bloom
Total time: around 3 hours

Day 6: Bulk
Total time: 3 hours

Day 7: scratch

Day 8: Djinn
Total time: 4 hours

Day 9, 10 and 11: Wings, Nature and Shring = Tinkerbell

Day 12: Smell
Total time: 3 hours

Day 13 and 14 : Lore and Sunk = Corpse Bride
Total time: Around 4 hours

Day 16: Greed

Total time: 3h 30’ ( I spent way too much time trying to get a nice render instead of keep sculpting. Error)

Day 17: Horn

Total time: 2 hours (sculpting + lighting)

Day 19: Float